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High quality listings are the most important aspect of selling on Amazon in 2019 and many people don't have the skills to optimise effectively by creating traffic towards your listing, driving conversions, and therefore dramatically increasing your profits. 


Your focus should be on the growth of your business, not whether you've chosen your keywords effectively, written a compelling product description, or if your images execute your brand story.  

This is where we can help.

If you are about to launch your product, or have a low performing listing, there are a number of key elements that need to be perfected in order for your listing to successfully drive sales.  We can work with you on all, or any of these elements. 

As top performing Amazon sellers, fluent in written and verbal English, we have the skill set and ecommerce knowledge to craft well formed and compelling listings with correct syntax, spelling and grammar.


We know how to create the right title, bullet points and description to reflect your brand message, engage and convert customers.  Many people overlook this, which is why you can get ahead of the competition with planned, creative and well executed text. 


Images are the most important aspect to your listing. Fact. We know the secret to creating eye-catching, informative images that showcase your product's features, and immediately communicates why your product is better than your competitors. 


Keywords are the driving force behind your listing.  They are the difference between Page 1 success and lingering on Page 3.  We know how to generate the most effective keywords and optimise these in your title, bullet points and description. 


In today's market, we know how important it is to stand out from the competition in order to succeed.  Your listing needs to showcase your brand message and unique features, whilst also being keyword rich, ensuring that your listing is viewed first each and every time.

Don't leave your listing to chance, successful listings are crafted over time, and we want to help you fast track yours.



  • Having made more than £250,000 from selling on Amazon, Janson knows what's hot and what's not when it comes to creating a convincing customer proposition and building a compelling listing that converts

  • Over the past year, Janson has built up hundreds of hours of listing optimisation experience whilst helping his Amazon FBA Smashers course students

  • No matter what category you sell in, or where you're from, Janson is confident that The Listing Company will be able to improve your listing, boost your conversion rate, and increase your sales


  • As well as being an experienced Amazon seller, Ella's expertise lies in media and advertising

  • Ella started her career in Television, working on high pressure shows such as The X Factor and Big Brother, before moving to the BBC's marketing department, where she learnt first hand how to effectively brand and communicate with customers

  • Ella comes from a family of world-renowned graphic designers and has built up knowledge of creating great design over the years - she knows the secrets behind communicating a brand's story, and how to use this effectively to increase sales, profitability and brand loyalty 


Ella and Janson met at an online sellers' event in early 2019, where they bonded over their passion for selling on Amazon!

After speaking regularly about all things Amazon, they soon realised that people were not being as successful as they could be, because their listings were unuoptimised and were lacking customer empathy. 

Both Janson and Ella soon found that their advice to people looking for help was resulting in more sales and profit being made, and this is where The Listing Company was born!


Janson and Ella have combined their unique skills to provide the ultimate listing service to help you launch, maintain and grow your brands on Amazon.  

Neil & Sarah, UK

Following 6 weeks of disappointing sales, Neil & Sarah had nearly given up on their hopes of selling a profitable product on Amazon FBA. Any profit from the small amount of sales that were being made was quickly eaten up by advertising costs, which were sky high due to poor levels of conversion.

After seeing Janson's results on Facebook, Neil reached out to The Listing Company to seek their help. After an initial review of Neil & Sarah's listing, the problem soon became apparent - an unoptimised listing that lacked any differentiation or creativity. The Listing Company knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

Having implemented The Listing Company's recommendations, the results soon followed- sales spiked 300% versus the previous 30 days, and the pair soon faced another problem...selling out!

"Janson & Ella completely changed our opinion of our product. Before we sought help we were convinced it was a dead duck and the market was too wrong we were! Instead of breaking even, we're now making a decent profit and have just placed our second order!"

Joseph, UK

Despite being an experienced Amazon seller, Joseph came to The Listing Company to see if they could see any opportunities to optimize his listing further, and drive more sales. 

A Listing MOT soon identified a number of additional areas of improvement, including additional back-end keywords to help with ranking. The outlined areas were implemented, and levels of conversion improved from 14% to 18%, equivalent to an additional £15 profit a day... or an extra £5,500 profit a year!

"The Listing Company showed me that there is always room for improvement and even the smallest of changes can have a massive impact on how the customer views your product and whether they will buy from you or not!"

When The Listing Company got involved

Mohammad, UK

Mohammad was juggling his full time job and his Amazon business, so he enlisted the help of The Listing Company so they could maximise his profits for him whilst he worked on expanding his product range.  After speaking with The Listing Company, he knew he was in safe hands.  In a short amount of time, their optimisation and expertise has allowed Mohammad's sales to spike by 220% and his conversion rate has sky-rocketed after new infographics were created.  

"It's hard sometimes having a full time job and juggling an Amazon business, so I thought I might need a team to assist - I now KNOW that The Listing Company are that team.  I'm going to use The Listing Company on all of my future products too"

1974% up one day after optimisation!


We offer a few different plans as we offer the flexibility to help you grow your business - if you have any other requests, or aren't sure what you need, please email us and we'd love to speak further with you.  We also provide full confidentiality to our clients. 



Following a deep dive review of your listing, we'll provide a report outlining a set of actions for you to take to help improve conversion




Keywords are the lifeblood of any listing, and they can be pesky work.  We do the hard work for you and provide you with a bespoke master list of keywords that will propel your listing




Your product title is one of the most important elements to get right.  We'll fully optimise it for you, as well as provide you with a full set of engineered bullet points to maximise conversion




We work on all copywriting for your listing, ensuring that your brand message is clear cut and creative, whilst packed full of rank building keywords 




EBC is a brilliant way to heighten your conversions and establish your dominance in your niche. We will provide your copywriting for your EBC in your chosen layout. 




We are an expert in images. As everyone's needs are different, please email and we'd love to chat about your needs. 

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